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petticoat rambles
I haven't gotten too much done in the sewing department since my last entry. I decided that I was not in a hand sewing mood today so instead of working on the pocket, I pulled out that petticoat I cut last month. I've discovered I definitely don't like cotton homespun. I used to like it alot but I'm not into the texture anymore. Also, it likes to move, warp and stretch while you are working with it. On top of that it's hard to sew. It's worse than taffeta for messing up on my machine. Blah. No wonder it's cheap.

I got the skirt panels sewn together, all ready for pleating. I'm trying to decide if I want to try the finish the hem, then mark the finished length from the top thing. It would keep me from having to con Mom into marking another hem, but then Narcissa is shaped differently than I am so I’m not sure how well it will really work. Also, I would have to square away the rump issues first and I'm not sure I can do that without the proper petticoat. So I guess the question is, which comes first the rump or the petticoat? *tee hee* I sewed together and hemmed both edges of the petticoat ruffle too. It's a 10" ruffle for the bottom that I now need to box pleat. I love box pleating - it's so 18th century. :>

I think I'm ready for some hand sewing now so I'll sigh off, pop in a DVD and work on that pocket a bit before going to bed. You know, I wish I had some linen thread to use on it but I didn't think to order any. I'm not willing to wait, so cotton it is!