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arriving in Napa
I've arrived in Napa! My trip to Dulles and my lovely direct flight were uneventful. *sigh* I spent the flight writing down notes from the Women's Retreat, writing thank you notes and sleeping.

I arrived at SFO on time and was greeted by my stunningly gorgeous sister and a bunch of bright yummy smelling flowers. We hopped in the car and drove the hour or so to Napa, stopping at an In n'Out on the way. I wasn’t really hungry, just peckish, so I only got fries. Dude - how can it be that they always better than I remembered them?!

By the time we got back to B's house I was pretty out of it, the long day and the time difference haven't caught up with me. I went into automatic mode and unpacked a suitcase before I thought "what am I doing" and crawled into bed. Nighty-night!

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