Jenny La Fleur (jennylafleur) wrote,
Jenny La Fleur

learning to say no

Well I've decided that as cute as I could make it and as much as I'll probably like it better once it's made up in real fabric - I simply don't want to wear an Elizabethan Jacket this weekend. So I'm not.

Part of me feels like a brat and pretty lame for not following through when I *could* get the jacket done in time but the other part is kinda proud that I'm actually following some of my costuming resolutions to neither costume in a rush, have to have "fabulous new" for every event, nor costume for what I *think* are other's expectations of my abilities.

So I'm going to wear a hobbled together "pirate wench" outfit - ie stays on the outside, petticoats and a little tricorn in the hair. I played around last night and found a combo that works nicely with my new effigy stays (which I'm dying to wear!). I feel I'm closer to "Pierette" or "Columbine" at the moment though so I'm going to run out to the party store today and see it I can "pirate" myself up a bit more. If not no big, the Pierette is kinda cute. :>

So the good news is I now have a perfectly fitted and ready to go Elizabethan Jacket pattern for my embroidered jacket project. I need to work on the embroidery design now - at the moment all I have is a rough desire for bees and Tudor roses... *rubs hands together*
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