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correcting the stays part one
I worked on the stays last night, correcting the pattern for the back panels. I ended up adding that 1½”, angled from about 8” up. I also decided to add a ½” to the center back. During the last fitting, the stays were really laced too tight for comfort. I’m trying to anticipate weight loss in the next year, which makes it so difficult to judge. I decided that, if the extra to the CB turned out to be too much I could always take it in. Taking it in would be fairly painless, either at the side seam or the center back it’s self.

I decided in the end not to take any length off. I think once the stays fit better the back waist will be okay. I did angle off the very back slightly but I want a fairly severe point at the center back of my gown so it makes sense to keep it a bit long there. Hopefully I’ve done the right thing.

I cut the interlining and transferred the boning pattern, again using a hot-iron transfer pencil. I had to fudge the pattern slightly from the original but not too much. I’m hoping to work on it some more today (to at least baste the interlining to the lining) but we will see… My to-do list is long today and I’m feeling very lazy.