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fashionably late

First off thanks so much for all your lovely comments on my pink Eleanor hat! *feels warm fuzzies* You are all so sweet!

Now that my hat is done, I should be working on my 1804 stays so I can make a dress to match right? Wrong - CADD has struck again! I am currently waiting for the scanned and blown up pattern for my newest project to finish printing... a 16th century pink Venetian!

I won't go into the twisted and convoluted path that lead me to need a pink Venetian gown this year, as it's a long and mostly boring journey. Let's just say the need for a new Ren Faire outfit, the desire to use up bulky stash fabric, a romp through the Realm of Venus Showcase and fond memories of the infamous pink Venetian craze at CosCol07 sealed my fate. Besides there is nothing like joining a fad 2 years late! :P

Since I am shamelessly following in the wake of a tidal wave of Costumer greats (seriously, I'm like the only one who hasn’t already made one!), I've given up trying be amazingly original, be overly inspired and otherwise copy details and ideas with my frock. I figure it's wasteful not to learn from other's experiences, right? :>

I'm using the ridiculously pink wool/rayon that I bought in NYC last year. I have some burgundy velveteen in the stash that would work for a hem guard and cutwork sleeves as well, although I'd rather go with a more light-hearted color palette if I can. I'm not allowed to buy fabric for this project (stash only!) so I might try removing the color. Or I may give up the idea of cutwork sleeves and hem guard all together, we'll see.

The pattern I'm working on first is for the stays or "bodies" I'll be wearing underneath. *sigh* I still can't get away from underwear, can I? I've decided to make effigy stays, based on the pattern in Tudor Tailor. While not Italian and dated slightly later than my dress, I think they will work well. Bess mentioned in her Showcase write up that she used it as her gown's pattern base, something I'm planning on doing too so it seems logical to use them for the actual stays as well.

Okay the pattern is printed... off to have toile fun.
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