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a visit to the padded cell
So it only took two days, 4 trips to Jo-Anns, 4 bottles + 2 boxes of dye and two cuts of muslin but the fabric for the Mother-daughter tea mural is a pretty shell pink and ready to has been handed off to the mural painter. *crosses off list*

In between all that madness, real life and trying to get myself together for the panel I'm on at CC27, I have be progressing with a ruffly jacket for Fort Fred / CC27. It’s going very well, if I could just have the moments I need to sit down and work on the thing! *sigh* It will be wearable for tomorrow though. Luckily I have two petticoats in the closet that will go so the matching petticoat is optional. Umm, I'll just make the matching petticoat for CC27 and then it will be a whole new outfit next week, right?!

Oh and I've had to start icing my wrists again for the first time in months. Annoying...

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