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update on the Jenny-Rose

Things are progressing, despite the lack of updates here. My life refuses to go as planned and days I thought would be sewing days are not and days I thought would not be sewing days turned out to be just that. Things just keep coming up, which is both a good and bad thing. My schedule seems determined to stay in flux, so I’m just trying to be diligent with the moments I do have and hope for the best.

Friday sadievale came over and in between helping her with stays and toiles I got my yellow petticoat hemmed and waist banded. It was being a complete butt so it took all night. Wretched petticoats.

Saturday was craziness for most of the day. The afternoon brought sleeve trauma as I tried to make the old Pimpernel sleeve fit in the revamp toile. I had a few moments where I considered burning all my fabric and leaving costuming forever but some time loading photos on Facebook gave me time to recover my senses and ponder. So I laid out every scrap of Pimpernel fabric on the big table in the studio and tried to figure out how to get all the pieces (including new sleeves) to fit. With God’s grace I figured out a way to do it. There is one of the old Cynthia skirt seams running through the under bodice of the zone front and the sleeves will be 3/4 but it all fit - yay!

The evening brought a gaggle of girlfriends I’d invited over for a crafty night, including past_blue, dancinseamstres, & sadievale. Most everyone brought handwork projects so they all sat around the kitchen/studio while I made brownies for a friend and cut out my Pimpernel bodice. It was a fabulous time and a fun mix of people. We seriously need to do that more often ladies! By the end of the party I had a complete bodice cut, the back flat lined and the rest of the pieces pinned together, ready to go.

Sunday was again full, this time with helping at church. Afterwards I came home and crashed. My busy week had finally caught up with me and I spent all of Sunday night sitting at my computer watching TV and nibbling of leftover treats. I felt a tiny bit guilty for the lack of sewing projects but my body needed the rest so bad. Really what else are Sundays for anyway!

Monday dawned rainy and gloomy. I sat down to spend the whole day hard at sewing with varying degrees of success. I sewed the pimpernel bodice together, although the zone front turned out to be wrong (the points are supposed to meet at the center not over lap so I have to redo those seams. Grrrrr) and my brilliant idea for how to sew the skirt on only lead to frustration.

I did work on my notes for the 18th century panel I’ll be on at CC27 as well. It will need a few more hours of work but I’m not in panic mode like I was before I started. Luckily we are sticking to basics so I’m not feeling too insecure about it. :P

Today the sun is shining (and I’m tired of dealing with the Pimpernel) so I think I’ll switch gears and attack the QofN petticoat. Hopefully it won't be as much as a butt as the yellow petticoat but considering they are twins I’m not holding my breath.
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