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The stays are now wearable, yay!

I like the fit, the third row of horizontal boning does make some difference. It makes my bust more flat and yet more round. Very late 1770s. Someday I will get the binding on (and take better pics for y'all) but for now I'm skipping straight to the fun stuff - the frocks!

Yesterday I laced myself up and tried on the Queen of the Night toile I worked on last fall. I remembered it looking pretty good but stopped work on it until I had new stays (just in case they fit differently). The toile needed some slight tweaks but nothing major. I mostly re-drew the neckline, the "zone" shape and the center front point (having changed my mind about those shapes). A little trimming around the armsycle and that was about it.

Suddenly I was done and like ready to cut out something out. Wow! I'm so glad I put in some work on this a couple of months ago, even without new stays. It's going to make my life so much easier now. I’m now feeling quite lighthearted and optimistic about finishing my CC27 line-up, especially since I can use this pattern as the base for my Pimpernel revamp and the Fort Fred outfit. So three patterns in one. Whoo hoo!

So I spent the rest of my sewing time tracing off the master patterns for the queen of the night. Today I'm going to cut out the fashion fabric this morning and then work on tweaking the pattern for the Pimpernel. Can I get two frocks cut out today? Stay tuned for our next episode... err post. :>

Ahh yes and here are some pics of the construction of the stays which I haven't posted before...
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