Jenny La Fleur (jennylafleur) wrote,
Jenny La Fleur

clearing the pending bin

My stays are done!

Well not really. I still have all the binding to do, but they are in wearable, toile fitting condition. You know what that means - I can finally actually get to work on my CC27 frocks. Yes! Not more being tortured by your foufy polonaise trimming posts - I can work on mine too!

So I only have a month and 3 frocks to make. I'm not crazy, not at all.

Today I'm being a good girl, labeling and sorting patterns I've been throwing in the bin, working on some commissions due this week and cleaning out my pending bin. Little things like that modern skirt I've had ready to be hemmed for 3 months and the sash I cut out of leftover black striped fabric for random 18th century use, a sweater that needed mending. That sort of thing. Just clearing space for the madness that will be CC27 sewing.
Tags: z:archive:18th:stays:blue, z:pending:18th:pimpernel

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