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Long time no post aye? What can I say, real life has been kicking my butt lately. I have been sewing though in my spare moments, stays progress has been made. If I can ever get my online act together long enough to post some pics I'll show you said progress... *sigh*

As a peace offering here are some yummy garment links:

1815-1820 ball gown - courtesy of cloak & blog

1810 silk dress

1900 white work outfit

late 19th cen dressing gown


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quincy134 From: quincy134 Date: March 30th, 2009 03:00 pm (UTC) (link)
That first link is such a beautiful gown. Thanks for posting!
jennylafleur From: jennylafleur Date: April 1st, 2009 09:18 pm (UTC) (link)
You are welcome - I loved it too!
mlsdesigns From: mlsdesigns Date: March 30th, 2009 10:30 pm (UTC) (link)
i am in love with that first dress :) and it's so interesting to see the lacing.
chloeandrudy From: chloeandrudy Date: March 31st, 2009 04:10 am (UTC) (link)
That grey gown is exquisite. Sure are a lot of people with money bidding on it.
girliegirl32786 From: girliegirl32786 Date: April 1st, 2009 01:38 am (UTC) (link)
I think I need that dressing gown for when I am lounging around my house. ;)

Hopefully life will slow down a bit for you soon!
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