Jenny La Fleur (jennylafleur) wrote,
Jenny La Fleur

trimming the pimpernel revamp

I have changed my mind about the trimming of my Pimpernel revamp. You know it's only the 12,000 time!

I was going to do something like the above but the more I worked on it the less I liked it. The proportions of my skirt were just not right or something. I don't know, I just wasn’t digging it.

So after leafing through my fashion plate computer files I came across this fashion plate. It still uses the silk gauze (which I have to use, not having any leftover fabric for self trim) but in a more simple way. (After I decided on this I noticed it was similar to the trimming on vivcore's lovely lastest creation - was I perhaps subconsciously inspired?!)

I also liked the way the polonaised skirt was rounded off. I've always liked the style but was chicken to try it. I think this is the perfect project for it though, since the front skirt panels ended up a little short anyway and I plan to keep this skirt polonaised forever. I took my lead in the shaping of the rounded corners from tayloropolis's amazing red silk gown. I'm so glad you still had those pics up tayloropolis (and use tags so I could find them!), very helpful indeed. :>

I'm still trying to decide exactly how this is going to work. I tried one version last night but I'm going to do some more experimenting before I decide what to do. I wish I had a trim with pink in it to blend better but I don't. Moo. Maybe I'll add pink sequins or something...

I have no idea about the trim on the bodice, probably similar but smaller. I do like the idea of bows down the front of the "zone", inspired by an extra in the film The Duchess.

So all that to say, different trimming scheme but it's still froofy so it's okay. :>
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