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NYC: Wed: rest & relaxation

We decided to take a true vacation day today. All the walking has been fun but tiring plus I’ve been so go-go-go this month I needed a break.

So we did NOTHING. It was glorious! I think I got out of bed twice all day but just sat and didn’t move. Mom even brought me breakfast from down stairs. Such a sweetie. We watched TV (a novelty we don’t have at home) and I even beaded some in the afternoon. We watched mostly Project Runway, how appropriate!

About 4:30pm Daddy came back from his day at work. I got dressed and we went to dinner, this time an Italian place on W46th. Then we popped into the M&M store in Times Square. That place was just out of control! Anything you could have possibly put an M&M on was there including games, shower puffs and clothing. It was fun though and we got some treats for ourselves and gifts for others.

We then met Jim & Lori for drinks in the Marriott again. They had a show to go to so we didn’t get to chat long but after they left we hung out just the three of us. The bar is on the 8th floor, over looking Times Square. I thoroughly enjoyed sipping my G&T watching the world go by under me. We even saw a bridal party taking pics – fun!

So a rather uneventful day but quite enjoyable. We’ve decided to leave a day earlier than planned so Thursday is our last full day. I’m sorry we won’t get to all the things on our list but honestly I’m ready to be home. I have had a fabulous time here but the extra day at home will give me a chance to relax before a crazy week and get Brooke’s beading finished without an all-nighter. It will also give Dad some down time this weekend. I’ll be in NYC again, so I’ll catch the things I’ve missed next time.

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dancinseamstres From: dancinseamstres Date: September 26th, 2008 12:39 am (UTC) (link)
No all nighters allowed! Remember our agreement---no stress! Ok, well, I have already broken that, but that doesn't mean you are allowed to! :-)
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