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NYC: Tues: trims & FIT

This morning was very leisurely. Mom got up to get dressed and have breakfast with Dad but I slept in a bit. Dad went off to work and Mom and I got out of the hotel about 10:30am. We headed back up to the Garment district to do some more shopping.

We went to MJ Trimmings (ooh), Tinsel Trading (ahh) and Joyce Trimming (sigh). We bough Stuff (TM), including that fly-fringe trim I took apart last week in black, silk ribbon, the trim for my Charles II gown, 4mm flat sequins in fun colors and the rhinestones for my QotN. Ouch! I’m suffering severe buyers remorse at the moment, even though some of that is my birthday gift from the parents. I’m sure I’ll get over it when I go to make my costumes but at the moment it’s painful. Ramen noodles here I come!

After that we headed back toward our hotel, actually stopping to eat lunch on the way this time. We got our lunch to go and ate in Greeley Square, which was nice. A little fresh air, sunshine and greenery make for a lovely meal.

We stopped at the hotel to drop off our purchases then headed to FIT. There were to exhibits, Arbiters of Style: Women at the Forefront of Fashion
and Gothic: Dark Glamour. Both were really great. Some of the gothic stuff was just plain strange but most of it was gorgeously constructed and really interesting. Mom enjoyed the exhibit a lot more than she had expected (I had to drag her to FIT) and we had a good chat on our way back to the hotel.

After that we decided a rest was in order so we hung out in the hotel icing our feet, having a cup of tea and watching TV for a while. We again headed out of the hotel, this time to the American Girl store. It was quite the place! I don’t know what I was expecting but a doll department store on three floors with photo studio, resturant & theater was pretty wild – wow! We went so Mom could buy her first American Girl doll. She looked at all of them and finally decided on Kit, with her accessories of course.

I hated her so much for making me go in that store because of course I had to buy something. One more thing to feel guilty about! I got Kit’s school outfit because it was just the most adorable thing ever. I could have resisted but it came with a hat and shoes. Plus I’m a sucker for instant gratification. *sigh*

Next we walked to Times Square to meet Dad and one of his co-workers for dinner at his conferance hotel. After dinner we met more co-workers at the hotel bar. It was fun, we got to hang out with some old family friends and the bar overlooked Times Square so the view was fabulous. My sangria was good too, lots of fruit.

We had way too much fun so we stayed a little too late. As I sit here Mom and Dad are already asleep. I should be too but umm… alcohol late at night so I’m wired. It’s okay, it was worth it, it’s not like I get to be in NYC a lot!

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countess_rosina From: countess_rosina Date: September 24th, 2008 12:58 pm (UTC) (link)
We get to see pictures of all the goodies when you get home, right?
girliegirl32786 From: girliegirl32786 Date: September 25th, 2008 01:26 am (UTC) (link)
I get such buyer's remorse too, but seriously, how often do we get to go to such fabulous places and shop?
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