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Faire Garb diary complete

Here are a couple more pics of the Faire Garb - my favorites. :> The rest can be seen here. Note the link to the Faire page from there won't work - still working on that! I am so pleased with the way this outfit turned out. I was on the plain side, compared to my friends but this dress was great fun to wear. It really felt more like historic clothing than a costume. That made it even more fun! There is a lot to be said for being comfortable at the Faire. I foresee this being a favorite outfit/style. :>

The finished corded bodice - isn't it cute? I was so happy I managed to pull this off. I was really concerned I would not be able to fix the fitting problems and that it would be uncomfortable. Luckily that was not the case. In fact I was extremely comfortable all day at the Faire! There is also a few pics of the binding before it was sewn in the diary. I didn't see the point in adding a backdated entry here about it. Once I was finished sewing the binding Nefret decided she really cuddling on it. I think she likes the smell of hemp. *giggle*

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