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progress, thanks to the Mom
The black stripe jacket is coming along, mostly thanks to Mom's efforts rather than mine. I love my Mom!

I sewed the trim on the neckline then she sewed the trim on the peplum and did the hooks and eyes. Due to a mis-communication she didn't put the trim all the way up the peplum but just to the seam on the skirt. We decided it really does need it all the way up but we are switching to the smaller size for the section she skipped. I think it actually looks better that way - I love it when "mistakes" turn out to be better than the original idea!

I was getting a little claustrophobic this evening, after a whole day of pearling, so I popped out for some new audio books from the library (almost finished the current one, P&P). I also went to the bead store and picked up black glass buttons for the jacket. They are plain so they probably won't look like anything special from far away but *I* know they are Czech glass. :P

Also I think I have found a hat for the outfit. Believe it or not B's mini tricorn is pretty cute with it. I'll have to actually style my hair (no messy hedgehogs!) but since I don't have time to make anything it will work... I need to add a few more feathers (a white ostrich and a yellow/brown pick from Michaels) but it already has yellow ribbon on it so it works.

Who says your hat has to *match* anyway?