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the count down begins

Why is it that running errands always takes forever? You go out for 3 things and suddenly you have 7 errands to run. They multiply like rabbits! Anyway…

I mostly worked on the corded bodice yesterday. I measured, cut the little tabs and then tried it on. It was amazing the difference! It didn’t “pooch” or buckle out anymore! Yay!

I found that my 1” tabs were still lower than my natural waistline so I took the bodice off again and slashed them up another ½”. I tried the bodice on once more and found that did the trick. The pooch was practically gone and the bodice was very comfortable. The midrift area still looked a little large but I think that is because I am used to busks and flat fronted corsets. The round shape looked perfect once I tried the dress on – very period - so I am happy.

I decided in the end to not put Regeline in the center front. Everything was working so I didn’t want to mess with it. I just replaced the side and back boning with it instead. To fit in the little back channels I just folded it in half and stuffed it down there. It worked great!

Unfortunately the one thing I forgot to get while I was running errands was the binding. I’d picked up single fold tape instead of double fold this weekend. I’ll have to run out and get some double fold today.

After the corded bodice was squared away I worked on the gown. I finished pining the hem so that is all ready to be hand-stitched. The lining hem I pinned and sewed on the machine. I also pinned the lacing rings in place so they are all ready to be sewn. I could have done hooks and eyes as the gown fits perfectly but lacing rings are actually faster to sew for me. At this point speed is a good thing. I’m being a little extravagant with my time by hand stitching the gown hem but I think I will be a lot happier that way. Besides I think having more control with the linen/rayon will be better.

I better sign off– much to do and I have to finish before bedtime tonight!
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