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Last night saw some productivity. After ironing about a million yards of fabric (and rolling it on boards, which is the way I store my fabric) I cut out two everyday skirts and C's #2 bodice toile. Hopefully I read my little scribbles and markings on the toile correctly. I must take pics next time for referance. I need to get off LJ soon and so sew that together as I have fitting with her this afternoon.

So that makes 4 everyday skirts I currently have cut out. They are all the same pattern too, am I in a rut or what? :> What can I say, you use what works. That and I'm getting suck in my ways in my old age. Umm... can you tell I like brown and black?

Yesterday I went to Jo-Anns. They didn't have what I was looking for of course but they did have pattern ease in stock (for once!) and a whole bin of clearance ribbon. So I went a little wild. It's hard not to when it's all $.10 and $.25 a yard! There are a couple more I might go back for today... I also bought a length of bargin table fabric for (you guessed it!) an everyday skirt. It's in the washer so I'll take pics later. :>

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