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my friends, the rockstars of costuming
Thank you so much for your praises and congrats for the pics from Startford Hall and the newspaper. *blushes* You have no idea what an encouragement you are to me - kisses to all!

It's been very strange to not be sewing for the past few days though! I've actually had time to check LJ and all that - and what a few days to be on LJ! I love how so many events happened this weekend. In particular I've been floored by the winners of Best in Show (historical) at Costume Con26. All I can say is wow. Congrats again ladies - you are all rockstars. Of course you know you are all crazy too right? I mean that in the best possible way. *grin*

Check them out (if you haven't already) here:
the original inspiration | group photo | video

Looks like I'll be dressing-up again this coming weekend too. This means a hem, some finishing work and possibly a new hat. All before Sunday, no worries right? Tomorrow the Sister and I are off to DC for some fun museums and meeting up with friends. Fun, fun!