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teamwork rocks
Ahh! There are just not enough hours in the days this month! Things are progressing however. After a day of partying (on Sunday for B's birthday) and a day of rest (lunch, the library book sale and hanging out with the girly bits of my family) B and I got back to sewing yesterday.

First I refitted her stays which, even though they are a piece of crap I'm ashamed to let anyone see, now look much better on B. Yay for weight loss! I then toiled her bodice and sleeve and cut out the lining while she sewed the hooks and eyes on my jacket, made her flannel petticoat, started the lace ruffles for her sleeves and *almost* finished her pair of flannel mitts.

*sigh* She makes me feel like such a slacker. My only consolation is that I had the hard job! :P Looks like her outfit will be finished on time though... we may even get to some of the "optional" bits and pieces we wanted. Team work (and starting more than 72 hours before the event) is very cool.