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From the ever-talented jenthompson...

1. What is your dirty little secret when it comes to costume construction?
I have to make my bed and clean my room before I can sew. I sometimes slip during the madness that is twelfth night and costume college but deep down it really drives me crazy.

2. What are you the most proud of when it comes to your costume construction?
Fit. I love gowns that are perfectly fitted and am very proud to say that mine on the whole are.

3. Which of your costumes do you think you look the best in?
The Bee or the Rohan. I adore them both and how they make me feel.

4. What style of costume would you never be caught dead in?
Probably something un-elegant. I'm not into dirt and stringy hair. No hippies or medieval beggars for this princess. :>

5. What was your all-time favorite Halloween costume?
The Cinderella costume Mom had me when I was 9. The "glass" slippers were my favorite part. Too bad it rained that year and they were ruined. I also loved the Jawhawk cheerleader outfit when I was 6. Wore that sucker out from wearing it almost everyday.

6. If time/money/skill was no object, what would you be for Halloween this year?
Rose from Titanic, in one of her beaded frocks. I don't even care about which one at this point... someday…

7. Which is more important to you in a costume - style, or comfort?
Style of course. I can totally suffer for beauty.

8. What comfort do you refuse to give up when wearing a costume?
Lip gloss! I know shiny lips aren't really period correct. I don't care.

9. Where is the strangest place you've ever worn a costume?
Restaurants probably. The Silver Diner after the Ren Faire was pretty amusing. Wal-mart too. It feels the strangest to wear a costume at church to be honest.

10. If you see a non-costuming friend or coworker while you are in costume, would you go say "Hi!" or run and hide?
Hi! I love what I do and sharing that side of my life with people who don't see it any other time. I love to see the different reactions too, always amusing.