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I've decided that I need Mom's help with the Redingote and since she wasn’t available last night I turned my attention to the non-gala or Pearl dress. Remember that project? Although not top of my list deadline-wise, this project has been nagging me. I don't have a handwork project at the moment and this would have come in handy all the times I've been sick this year. Oh well.

I decided to try using a slightly different pattern for this project, the Drawstring dress from Sense & Sensibility (part of the Elegant Lady's Closet pattern). My sister made this up with great success in the fall and I've been itching to give it a try. With some modifications of course. You know me, I can't leave any pattern alone.

So I started off with the lining as my toile. Not too many changes so-far. Some trimming off the waistline (I like my empire waists high) and the back neckline. I'm changing the seam allowances to 1/2" and the shoulders needed to be taken in a bit. I added to the fullness in front by 13", which I think I'll decrease to 10".

I'm going to cut a full toile as I want to play around with changing the way the front is constructed and need to see how the full skirt in front thing looks on me.