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Regency turban 101
A friend wants help picking out fabric for a new Regency turban so I thought I'd spend the afternoon doing a little Google research before our shopping trip. Here are some interesting links I thought I'd share. After all you never know when you will need a new turban! :> - handout from a Regency Ball - good overall info, helpful for when someone who needs help getting started (Regency Fashion Page) - Regency turbans by era - pretty cool - interesting info on turbans and other Regency headwear - how to drape a period middle eastern turban - always helpful to know how the original your inspiration comes from is done - more on bonnets & caps but good links

Yes, and may I just say that music on websites is a nice idea but seriously annoying when you are surfing. Especially when you are already listening to your CD player. That is all.

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