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sadievale came over last night for what is turning out to be a weekly sewing date. Neither one of us was particularly keen on sewing last night, being tired from our costuming weekends. Since we were together though we actually worked, making me think this is a very good idea - accountability! Hey we might actually get our coaching day attire done on time this way!

We spent most of our evening chatting about the Poe event and the Jane Austen Evening, and concocting evil plans for 2008 & 2009. I decided to work on my Poe dress, on some of those tweaks, starting with the sleeve. I actually had cut out two of the same sleeve, meaning one was technically backwards. The sleeve head being fairly flat because of the drop sleeves I decided to just deal with it because of my time restraints last week but it was a bit of a pain to wear. I'll bet you didn't even notice huh?! Anyway I wanted to fix that so I took the old one apart, cut a new sleeve and started to put it back together.

Only problem was that I sewed the top together with the lining, not the bottom. I also managed to cut the new sleeve with a fabric flaw right on the bottom third of the sleeve. I think I'm going to leave that and just make those biased ruffles no longer optional, they should cover the flaw...

So not a great deal of progress last night but progress none the less.