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As most of you know I'm accompanying several LJ friends to Edgar Allen Poe's home in Baltimore to celebrate his birthday. In costume of course.

The only snag in the plan is that I don't have anything remotely 1830s-1850s, so a new costume is in order. I blame watching North & South and drooling over the recently auctioned Tasha Tudor collection but the 1840s suddenly seem almost pretty. It's never seemed attractive before this year. In fact I swore I would never make an 1840s dress, which just goes to show that you should never say never in costuming!

I decided that to avoid the cupcake look (which this era tends to favor on me) I needed to keep the lines as simple and uncluttered as possible. Simple also fits my deadline. I drew my inspiration from the above gowns (found via Demode's archive).

I was tickled when I found the exact pattern for the style in good old Hunnisett. *hugs book* It even has the option for the collar, which I'm not sure I'll do or not but it's nice to know it's there as an option. :>

The fabric is a medium weight grey stripe of questionable fiber content. It's been in the stash so long I don't even remember which state it was bought in. It may have even come from Wal-Mart’s bargain table, I really don't remember. There is a good amount of it so I shouldn't have to scrimp on the skirt or trimmings - yay. I love the idea of using the stripe as a design element on my rather plain gown, should help it look more interesting. Some striped pipping or ruffles would be fun, although I'm not sure I'll have time to mess with such details. The event is on the 20th of this month after all.

All this will be worn under my (yet unmade) bustle chemise, Frederick's reboned corset, & my old civil war ruffled petticoat. (I'll have to re-pleat the waistband on that I think.) To finish off I want a simple lace collar, brooch, lace mitts and shawl. All of which I have (I'm hoping there is a lace collar in the stash, if not I can piece one. Hey I might even have enough of my Liberty of London lace to do it umm..). I'm not even going to attempt a bonnet, not with my tight deadline so I'll have to go without, unless anyone has one I can barrow. *bats eyelashes*


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bauhausfrau From: bauhausfrau Date: January 1st, 2008 10:14 pm (UTC) (link)
I have not one but TWO 1830s bonnets (an era I said I've never do - I guess we should never say never) I'd be happy to loan you. I'd already told padawansguide she could borrow my one extra 1840s but if she decides against it you're welcome to it!
bauhausfrau From: bauhausfrau Date: January 1st, 2008 10:15 pm (UTC) (link)
Oh, I also have one 1850s winter bonnet you could borrow. Black velvet with red berries and pansies if memory serves, tres cute.
jennylafleur From: jennylafleur Date: January 2nd, 2008 12:58 am (UTC) (link)
Oh that one sounds charming! Have I mentioned lately how much of a doll you are? :> I wanted to go a little later in my frock anyway... Thanks!
demode From: demode Date: January 1st, 2008 10:53 pm (UTC) (link)
1840s is so soft and pretty - I love it! Plus you can also do the more severe later 1840s which is so pretty and tailored. I think you'll look great in this era.
jennylafleur From: jennylafleur Date: January 2nd, 2008 12:59 am (UTC) (link)
It's definitely growing on me. I thought I wanted an 1850s until I starting looking and found I actually prefered the 1840s, later like you say. I hope so - thanks! :>
From: (Anonymous) Date: January 1st, 2008 11:32 pm (UTC) (link)

Happy New Year!

I just wanted to say Happy New Year and thank you for all your beautiful costume and sewing inspiration. I really look forward to seeing your creations and hearing your thoughts, though I rarely comment. It seemed like a good day to mention it. :)
I'm completely smitten by that fabric, btw. Can't wait to see this one finished!
jennylafleur From: jennylafleur Date: January 2nd, 2008 01:00 am (UTC) (link)

Re: Happy New Year!

Gee - thanks! :> I've been saving that fabric for something interesting and this looks like the perfect thing! I love stripes and I haven't worked with them in far too long!
girliegirl32786 From: girliegirl32786 Date: January 2nd, 2008 12:07 am (UTC) (link)
Oh the dress ideas look lovely! I think you are going to do a fabulous job. I especially like the stripes. :)
jennylafleur From: jennylafleur Date: January 2nd, 2008 01:02 am (UTC) (link)
Thanks! We'll see... I just have to keep reminding myself that this not working like an 18th century gown is okay!
olde_fashioned From: olde_fashioned Date: January 2nd, 2008 09:06 am (UTC) (link)
Happy New Year Jenny!! And hooray for the 1840s and 1850s. *lol* I'm thrilled to hear you're making N&S-esque costumes, since I adore them, (especially the bodices) and I know you'll do such a lovely job. Someday you should make one of Margaret's dresses. ;-)
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