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updating the event galleries

I've been busy updating my website. It's taken me the better part of a week (working here and there as I've barely been home) but finially the event galleries are updated. I really need to be better about keeping up with this - I didn't realize how behind the section was! Of course my LJ friends have seen some of these already but there are pics in almost every gallery new to the web. I think there may be a few more pics to post but for now I've had enough - enjoy!

misc 07 - new!
rchs xmas - new!
stratford 07 - new!
birthday day tea - updated!
4th of july - new!
belmont 07 - new!
rchs spring tea 07 - new!
misc 06 - updated!
stratford 06 - new!
monroe tea 06 - updated!
costume history - updated!

Now I'm off to wrap gifts - yay! :>