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My resolve not to clean before I started sewing didn't work. In my defense it was really 'cause I couldn't find important things like pins and needles that were still mixed up in the bridal emergency kit bins and piles. Ahm, yeah that’s right! :>

I wanted to work on something fun today, like with pretty fabric, but unfortunately all my projects are in the toile stage. Probably a reason I haven't been working on anything lately. Toiles are just so boring! I decided I would try and get at least one of the wretched things out of the way today though.

So I started work on my basic 18th century bodice. The slight changes I made to my new stays this spring made for major changes in the fit of my 18th century frocks. Some outfits I can get away with (the ones that didn't fit quite right with the old stays) but I've had to pack several things away because I don't like the fit. How is it I'm constantly sewing 18th century and my wardrobe keeps shrinking? Moo. Anyway, I decided I needed a basic 18th century pattern, the bodice lining really, that I can adapt future projects from.

I started on it earlier this month, started from the ill fitting Pimpernel bodice. This morning I tried on toile #2. It was an improvement from #1 but still had issues. The armhole needed to be trimmed, the center front fitted and something needed to happen with a funky wrinkling at the side seam.

So I trimmed down the armhole some, put in my handy-dandy toile zipper and messed with the side seam and tried again. The wrinkles were still there. Ahhmmmm. So I though maybe the whole front piece should be moved down at that seam. I moved it down 3/8". No go. So I moved it a total of about 5/8". Better but still wrinkling.

I then pinned the front, and smoothed the side as far back as I could reach. I next enlisted the help of Mom who smoothed out the last 1.5" and re-pinned the seam for me. She also pinned the shoulder seam, which needed attention after changing the angle of the front. I re-marked where the waist should be and decided a break was in order so here I am.

Progress is good but again I say - toiles are so boring! Oh and my new camera so rocks. It actually works without flash so the pics in the mirror are coming out great and without any flash faces or touching-up either - yay!