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life here on the home front
Life has been full of sisterhood, shopping and the wedding projects, hence no costuming from the home front. I did work on a long dormant jewelry project tonight and have been researching a bit on some future projects but that is about it.

The wedding projects are going well. I've got all the de-construction work done on the dress and have started putting the bodice back together. I worked a little too late last night and made a cutting error but I think I can fudge it, I just need another fitting now to double check the arm hole. Oh yes and my bride needs to find a pair of shoes so I can mark the hem. *sigh*

The headdress is now officially done though. I just finished tying off the threads so yay! It's gorgeous if I do say so myself. Bridget really outdid herself and we added some fun little personal touches to make it extra special. We even found a lovely presentation box at Bombay to put it in. I'll have to take pics before we give it to her on Thursday for you'all to see...

Have finished the headdress so quickly B decided to add some embroidery to the dress itself (with the bride's okay) so she is making that look fabulous as well. She’s also working on Mom's dress for the ballroom dance black-tie dinner & dance next month, adding beads and sequins to a Ross Dress For Less special. I should get her to do something to my frock as well I guess. Although after the Fire costume I still feel like I owe her big time!!

It is SO nice to have her home. :>

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