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in which I finish the cutting bit
Yay! The pimpernel is all cut out. *whew* Turned out to be closer than I though it would be, fabric wise. I had to take apart the Cynthia gown after all, or rather Mom did. I was having a hard time bringing myself to take it apart so when she volunteered I let her. :> Even then the only way it fit was thanks to a largest scrap I dug out of the scrap bin. As it is I may have to piece part of the hem - not sure if the side skirt panels will be quite long enough. *crosses*

For the lining of the zone piece I pulled out some pretty cranberry duchess satin from the stash. It should just show under the little zone flap. If I can't find a fabulous orange in LA I may just use this for the shark tooth trim. Less contrast but a pretty effect. The rest of the lining will be the light pink stripe. I cut the rest of the stripe into pieces for a new under petticoat. There was just enough for a ruffle too. I think the pimpernel in particular will look better with a ruffle petticoat underneath and a second under petticoat will come in handy I'm thinking. I've had that fabric forever, it's nice to get it off the shelf.

Now I'm off to dance to say hi (forgot myself sewing to make class but I'll be in time for coffee) and then off to Walmart to pick up the Harry Potter book I'm not going to read tonight. :>

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lahoo88 From: lahoo88 Date: July 21st, 2007 10:09 pm (UTC) (link)
Yay, thank goodness for scrap bins - many a time I have had to do the same thing.
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