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the smell of victory
It's official - I have a cold. Bah! I didn't feel like doing much this evening so I pulled out the Fire and worked on it. Wow, two days in a row, I am on a roll! :> So all of the petty handwork is done. Everything is tied off, basting stitches removed, hook and eye on, zipper tacked down, slits reinforced etc.

A hem, some sleeves and the jewelry/beading and the main dress is done! Providing the bustle outfit doesn’t get me too many fits I'm thinking I might actually get all my "must have this" list done, without losing my sanity, after all. It's a happy thought.

I'm not sure I'll be up to cutting out the underskirt & sleeves tomorrow so maybe I'll pull out the chemise gown and work on that... or the Victorian corset. Those are sitting, not too much brain-function required type things. Brain-function is not to be relied on when sickly. :P


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girliegirl32786 From: girliegirl32786 Date: June 12th, 2007 02:31 pm (UTC) (link)
Thank sucks about your cold. I hope you feel better soon! :)
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