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my life is flat lining
*breathes sigh of relief* The power was only out for 20-30 minutes - yay! I spent the evening busily sewing and forgot to update my LJ with the good news - opps! All that flat lining was tedious but I like the end results. I stopped when I got to the side seams and center back (zipper) because it was really too late to be doing complicated things. I know my limitations. Both sleeves are done too, although I'm thinking about changing the shape. I really need to try it on before I decide though. I've got everything pinned on Narcissa but haven't taken pics yet... looks SO good!!

I was despairing about finding fabric for the underskirt and inner sleeves. I had some fabrics in the stash that COULD have worked but they didn't really wow me. So I went to Jo-Anns yesterday morning to see if I could find something in the midst of the Memorial Day sale. My fabric mo-jo can back to me and I found the perfect thing, seriously perfect. Not only is it the right color and on sale but it doesn't need as much embellishment as we had been planning. *eyes deadline* That can only be a good thing, although B may not agree. :>