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Do you want to see something super cool?!


Yes, it's a portrait of me, from last year's Seurat Sunday at Belmont. The artist gave it to me today. How awesome is that?! I'm so floored and honored. Not only did someone paint me but they GAVE the painting to me too. So stinking cool! Now to find a frame and place to hang it... :>

Seurat Sunday '07 was just as fun as last year. It turned out to be a lovely day, if windy. We sat and chatted, had a nice picnic lunch, sewed, read and sung to Tina and Lila's accompaniment and played a hand of whist. A wonderful Sunday in short.

Luckily I was going for the late 1780-1790s look as my curls were battered by the wind all day. It was really fun to wear the bum roll of doom and my hair extensions a la the Scarlet Pimpernel. Why are the most ridiculous styles the most fun to wear? Dispite all the pesky mistakes on this oufit (no deep point in the back still really bugs me) I do love this outfit. *sigh* It was a little chilly for a chemise gown so I don't feel too guilty about not getting it done in time. It will be fun to wear next year though.

Bridget looked a picture today - I'm so glad she came with me! Her outfit finally came together and she felt like the pretty china doll she wanted to be at the spring tea last month. We weren't off by much, I mean I didn't mess with her outfit too much in between the two events (it still isn't hemmed). Proof that a great costume is all about the finished touches (like caps and cockades), a good hair day and a good night's sleep. :>

I'll post a less Jenny-Bridget centric selection on the RCHS website soon... :>
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