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Nessa Dorma & the Pet en l'air

It's over! The week of sewing madness is over! I did not plan it this way, I really didn't but I have to be flexible with my work and unfortunately everyone (including CCFred) decided this was the week to schedule things. Most times an hour away no less. I had no back-up plan so I had to finish everything this week. I have such a love/hate relationship with deadlines! It was all good though and God was SO gracious.

The mad week concluded in the madness that was Friday night. The theme of the night was Nessa Dorma – no one shall sleep tonight! As of Friday morning my pet en l'air was put together and tidied up. The trim was pinned on and the petticoat pleats were pinned and ready for the waistband.

B's stays had been fitted and trimmed (including boning). Her bodice had been toiled but without a single toile for the sleeves. Friday morning I spent updating CCFred (overdue) and then tidying up B's pirate stays (ie tying off threads, sewing what had been pinned during the fitting including taking the stomacher off and reattaching it). When I stopped about 2:30pm to get dressed and make sure everything was in order for my MK party in Richmond her stays were ready to go (I didn’t rebind the top, just finished with a buttonhole stitch).

By the time I got home (had to run some errands including to Jo-Anns for ribbon), ate and changed into my pjs it was 9:15pm. That's when I started work on B's outfit. B surprised me with a case of Squirt and chocolate to help keep me up that night - good thing! :> The sleeves turned out to be a royal pain in the butt and it took me several tries and then 4 toiles to get them in a wearable condition. The rest of the construction went along but the clock showed time going by way too fast and my progress seemed so slow! I took an hour nap about 2am then took a hot shower (to wake up and wet my hair for rag curling) that helped a bit.

B didn’t sleep at all but kept up with me, sewing on my trim and attaching the ruffle to my petticoat and pleating the skirts of her gown in between the batches of shortbread and fittings. She also rag curled my hair while I sewed the back pleats of her gown. She was such a trooper!

My outfit was finished about 8:30am. B's was finished closer to 11am. Mom actually sewed the sleeves that I had pinned while I was getting dressed. Mom and B tacked on the sleeve ruffles (backwards it turns out - opps!) at the tea while I was dressing Narcissa (our underpinnings model) and setting up our window. Insane!

Poor B, she was put together but just barely and not without mistakes. I got confused when I pinned on the second sleeve and put the pleats in front, which I didn't realize until we got there. Also her sleeve ruffles were on backwards, B and M tacked them wrong not knowing the seam was at the back. I can't tell you how bad I felt when I figured that all that (especially when it was her tedious work on my trim that made my outfit look so great) but I honestly did my best. It's so hard to fit things with her in Richmond. Now that I have stays that are not uncomfortable and a basic pattern for her it will be easier next time to whip something up. Once I fix the cheats and mistakes (her skirt was not hemmed, everything including those back pleats are done by machine etc) we have a back-up for next time so we don't have to do an overnight 14 hour wonder.

So without further ado my outfit! I’m quite pleased with it. Little things bug (the waist bunches as I didn’t fit it with the false rump, silly me) but the overall effect was what I was going for. The pleats in back need more fullness to hang correctly. Still not bad considering my fabric restraints and my first attempt at the sacque style. I need a totally different cap but it’s on the list already. I wanted a shorter petticoat but it came out a shorter that I intended. I think it shrunk when I dyed it. It looks cute though, very Galerie des Modes, so I may just leave it as is.

Stealth shots B took as I was getting undressed in the mess that was my room. Well actually still is the mess that is my room, I haven't picked up yet. :P Both B and I had to sew ourselves into our bodices, having run out of time to sew on the hooks and eyes. Also a glimse of my outfit sans bows. It's the bows that really make it I think, certianlly the bit that makes it go with the necklace. :> Found the ribbon at Jo-Anns of all places, on Friday night. I really was shocked - it was perfect!

My stays! I’m very pleased with them, they give a better shape than my last I think and are quite comfortable, now that they are broken in. Lacing all the way down takes more time to lace but it does give better lower back support. It’s something I will definitely do on all my future stays. Love the silk - not the most practical of fabrics but so fun to stroke! :>

So onto the next week's sewing projects! Yes the madness doesn't end quite yet. I am doing a reverse strip-tease/fashion show for a local DAR group on Saturday and am determined to have a proper shift and that robe volante. Both are easy projects (I think) and if they don't get done, no worries but I'm going to try. If you haven't figured it out already, I AM insane!! *LOL*
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