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slight update on the Jenny - Jenny La Fleur
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slight update on the Jenny
So I'm sitting here debating whether I should be good and go to church tonight or bad and stay home to sew. :P

I'm all signed up to go the a pearl knotting class at my favorite bead store on Saturday which I’m just way too excited about. There was talk about going to Williamsburg for the day but turns out it's to watch a bicycle race so the jewelry making sounded much more fun. Ha!

I went to the brand new gym and took my first water aerobics class this morning. I. So. Hurt. Proof just how out of shape I am I guess. Feels good though and was fun so I'll be back. Nice gym by the way, a brand new, luxurious temple to the god Narciss. Cracks me up but I loved the nice clean atmosphere. *wink*


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olde_fashioned From: olde_fashioned Date: April 5th, 2007 03:13 am (UTC) (link)
Knotting necklaces is fun -- I've done a few, and I think it really makes them look "professional" and plus it's a safety feature if it ever were to break. I learned from an article in Lapidary Journal, but I'm sure it's easier to be able to have someone actually show you. ;-)
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