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Pattern: my own based on a neckerchief from the Merseyside collection

white cotton voile, lace from Liberty of London

When I sat down to decide what type of gown I wanted to make, I realized that all my favorite inspirations were pictured with a neckerchief. I guess I need one then! I am not sure how I will wear this, probably crossed in front once and tied in the rear. Maybe not...

As I began to research I found that most neckerchiefs were not shaped but were simple triangles or half squares. Then I came across a pic from 18th Century Costume (pg 11) of a shaped neckerchief. Yay, no bulk at the base of the neck! 

In addition to the lace, I may also add a border of embroidered dots, based on a period neckerchief I saw in the Museum of London. Simple but very elegant.