March 24th, 2011


a plea

So I need an 18th century riding habit. I won't name names but *coughkendracough* I was totally inspired make one after my trip to Williamsburg earlier this month.

Thing is I really don't need another 18th century cold-weather wool outfit. Especially since I potentially want it for UTR (VA + June + 99% humidity) & CosCol (LA + August). I know wool wicks away moisture and it good in the heat, blah, blah, blah. Yes I've found to be true, when it's a light color. Unfortunately I have no light-weight, light-colored wool in the stash and I have no money to spend on any.

I do have some lovely red linen in the stash that would be cute though. I've found lots of red riding habits but they are all wool or wool/silk blends. I could have sworn I'd come across a linen 18th century riding habit but can't find it in my files/books. I have found a "cotton" riding habit in cream from the Millinery Shop in Williamsburg but that is it.

So my questions tonight for the LJ brain-trust are:

1. Have you ever seen any evidence of 18th century riding habits made out of linen?
2. Have you ever seen any evidence of 18th century riding habits made out of colored linen?
3. What do you think, is the assumption that in warmer climate they could might have used linen too far a stretch?
aesthetic movement

the beauty of the Aesthetic

So I'm probally the last one to see this but...

I just discovered the upcoming V&A exhibit The Cult of Beauty: The Aesthetic Movement 1860-1900 exhibition has it's own blog. Woot! Not much is there yet but there is a nice close-up of one the 1880s Liberty gowns. Hopefully the blog will be more active (and full of frocks) once the exhibition opens in April.

Also the FIDM blog just posted pic of one of it's clothing items that will be in the exhibition. (It has wheat Aubry!) - fun!

Oh I wish I could see it in person but I'll have to make do with the catalog I guess!