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The Obligatory 2007 List Of Doom
Happy New Year!

May your 2007 be full of joy. May it also full of fabric sales, silk and few sewing mistakes!

The Obligatory 2007 List Of Doom
This year my focus is to continue to purge the project pending bin. I did pretty well on that list last year but there is still unfinished business to see to! I'm also resolving to set aside time for "fun" projects. The past year or so I've compromised a lot what I really wanted to do for the sake of living history events I happen to be going to. That is no fun and I'm tired of being practical with my hobby. *stomps foot* So there! :>

Must-Do Projects for 2007:

Quilted Petticoat – I have made steady progress on this lately but I need to pick up the pace. The plan is to wear this (with matching stays) to the Underwear Breakfast at CC. I have 1 1/3 panels left to quilt plus the petticoat construction.

Green Silk Stays – To match the quilted petticoat and replace my current pair. My first attempt at stays have served me well but they are starting to show wear so it's time for something new (and pretty).

pocket - I'm practically finished with the crewelwork - I just need to sit my butt down and finish it, then make a Wooded Hamlet order for linen tape and be done with it!

bleu jacket & petticoat - a remake of the ruffled jacket in blue faille.

pink taffeta robe a la française - For the Williamsburg ball in March or Stratford Hall in December. Shot pink/purple taffeta, trimmed in silver. I can't decide if I want a stomacher or zone front...

shot pink jacket, 1780s - Shot pink/yellow silk taffeta trimmed in green. I haven't decided on the exact design for this but it will be worn with the quilted petticoat and it will require big hair!

"Fire" costume, 1874 - consisting of:
LM100 victorian corset
TV102 chemise
TV101 bustle
TV201 1870s underskirt
TV405 1872 Vest Basque
TV216 1875 Parisian trained skirt
custom drafted evening bodice
diadem (by B)
day hat (by me)

Definitely my ambitious project of the year consisting of lots of pieces and parts, all in an era I’ve never dealt with before. Hopefully it will be a triumph and not a train-wreak!

*secret* project – For now. I hate to tease but I'm still working on my plans for this one. Two hints - it will be worn for CC and it's dated 1799. I love the Federalist/Regency fashions, I really do!!

Wow - I'm a little scared by that long list! Who knows what else I will come up with! No, to be honest I am excited and motivated about all these projects. A fashion doll, mitts & muff are good possibilities too. We'll see.

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