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2006 first post a month meme - Jenny La Fleur
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2006 first post a month meme
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The first sentence of the first post you made every month in 2006

Jan: I have finally posted my masterpiece... ummm... I mean my annual Holiday letter.

Feb: After talking over this year's project to do list with a friend yesterday I got the bug to be working on something last night.

Mar: Hey elizabethsdress (and anyone else who loves 20s fashions) - I just saw a movie that I think you would like.

Apr. I have been so bad about updating this LJ, please forgive me.

May: Despite over doing it a bit (with my sore throat I now have no voice today!) and getting a rather badly sunburned yesterday was glorious.

Jun: My Costume College class info arrived today!!

Jul: I had an absolutely lovely day with joysdaughter, her DH and blackswan13 yesterday.

Aug: Thanks to the assistance of the fabulous Brooke (who got to see all the secrets *haha*) and an hours work from the best Mum in the whole world, the bee dress is good to go.

Sep: Proof I have actually been sewing… just not posting.

Oct: I had every intention of sewing all day yesterday but somehow I ended up sorting my ribbons & zippers and helping B work on her Halloween costume instead.

Nov: Well that would make sense, considering how much of my life has been spent west of the Mississippi.

Dec: Oh bother!

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