Jenny La Fleur (jennylafleur) wrote,
Jenny La Fleur

just have to pack!

Thanks to the assistance of the fabulous Brooke (who got to see all the secrets *haha*) and an hours work from the best Mum in the whole world, the bee dress is good to go. I just have the hems and hook & eyes to do on the dress & robe. I'm hoping to get at least the hems done before we leave for C & L's but if not I'll take Bette (my new baby of a machine) with me and do them tonight. Hook & eyes for the layover in Dallas and I'm golden!

No matching purses and the wool will be polonaise via safety pin (again!) but really it's fine. I got everything done and I looks amazing - wait until you see!! *rubs hands together* Now if I could just shake this cough and sniff act and get everything to fit in my lugguge. :P
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