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“I thought I would check out the voice post feature, since I won't have computer access at Costume College next week. I thought it would be fun to do some posts this way and then I'll have less to catch up on next week, which is kinda cool.

This is probably the worst week for me to be doing this and for you to hear my voice for the first time since I'm still suffering from that cold. I actually sound a lot worse than I feel, which is good, but I voice is a lot lower than normal and I'm very nasally and coughing and sniffing and all that fun stuff so please don't judge my voice quite yet. Hopefully I'll do some posts next week when I'm feeling 100%.

Yesterday I got about 2 hours worth of sewing done for the whole day. I had church and then I had an appointment so by the time I got home and had some lunch and sat down I didn't want to get back up again. So I didn't, I decided to just take a day of rest. Which I would honestly feel guilty about except that it felt so good to just separate myself mentally and physically from all the CC prep - not that it hasn’t been fun but especially trying to fight this cold its started to wear on me. So I think it was really good, it was what I needed yesterday. And I sat in front of the TV and vegged - pretty much didn't move all afternoon. Hopefully it will help me shake this cold so I won't be sick when I'm flying Wednesday.

Today is ground zero for me, it's my last day to do the major sewing, at least the machine sewing. Bridget and I will be leaving tomorrow morning to go spend the night with friends. They live a lot closer to the airport than we do so it'll mean a longer nights sleep and a lot less hassle Wednesday morning when we have to go to the airport.

Which, its a good thing and I will have time to do handwork tomorrow night at our friend's house and then Wednesday night once we arrive in San Diego. And then there is always the LJ Gather, I can do some sewing there if I absolutely have to. I don't think I will. I-I'm in pretty good shape despite the break yesterday. I'm more worried about time for packing than getting the sewing to be honest.

And also Brooke - otherwise known as dancinseamstres - has kindly offered to come over tonight and help me out... be my extra pair of hands. So... She volunteered so I decided to take her up on it. That should help me get over that last hump and just get everything done so...

I am so excited! I can't wait to meet everybody and to actually wear these costumes. I'm just amazed at how much I'm been able to accomplish this week and how everything has fallen into place despite being sick and all the other things that have been happening lately.

So I just can't wait! Well actually I can, I need to finish the costumes first but than I can't wait. *wink* And I can't wait to be back home in California and my beautiful San Diego and have my In n' Out Burger and my See's Candy. Yay I can't wait! I'll talk to you guys later - bye!”

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