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getting there!

Okay I think I finally have it! Just one more toile… famous last words I know! :> I’m actually on toile #5. Number 4 was close to disaster so I didn’t bother to stop and do an entry for it. It got me to #5 though so…

I ended up taking too much fullness out of the side area – it was way too tight. I also added more of a curve to the side seam, using the S&S Regency pattern as my guide. The seam looks much better but using the S&S pattern totally messed up my armhole so that needed a lot of work. I’m going for the period small back, sleeve-in-the-back, almost-18th-century-thing but the S&S is designed as a modern round hole so yeah… needs some work.

Toile #5 corrected the fullness issue. I think just a hint more in the back and I’m done. I also pinned up a section of the shoulder strap area. That was a eureka moment when I tried it on. It instantly got rid of the pulling under the arm, put the gathers in the right place, lined up the shoulder strap with the stays line in back and pulled the hole arm/side into the correct position. Isn’t it great when so many issues are solved with one little adjustment? *hugs pins* I’ll just draft that little bit out of my next toile.

The armholes still need a lot of work but that’s to be expected as I didn’t mess too much with them from toile #4. I’ve marked them this time though and will cut them down for the next toile. I think I’m finally ready to start toileing the sleeves! So I’m at a good stopping point. I’ll make the changes to my master pattern, cut the next one and call it a night. Or maybe I’ll do a bit of embroidery instead and worry about toiles tomorrow. Only about 10” to go and I’m done with the front of the Bee! I can finally see light at the end of the tunnel on this project!

Gee, you sure can tell I'm tired in the pics. I look a little punchy in the first one. Just two I promise! *wink to B, C & L*