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Ahhh! This wretched set of stays! The more work I do on it the more I find I need to do. If it weren’t for all the work represented by that cording I would be making a new set at this point. Surely that is easier than tweaking an old one! Cording aside of course…

I decided I really did need to cut it down under the arms. Cutting it down ¼” and using shorter boning wasn’t enough. The original pattern shows the underarm area being straight across but the two times I’ve worn it as is, I was extremely uncomfortable. I can deal with a lot of things but corsets and boning digging into my underarm is not one of them.

While I’m at it I’m also going to cut down the front a tad. I had added to the top front for modesty sake but it really ruins the line of the bust. It also forces me to a higher neckline on my frocks which doesn’t look quite right to my eyes. I’m way past the high modesty lines of S&S patterns at this point in my life. It’s all about neckerchiefs I’ve found. :> I wish I had time to mess with the bust gussets (I think they need to be a little wider at the top) but I’m sane enough to not even go there. New gussets will have to wait for a totally new set of stays…

I’m also shortening the straps more (I need more of gap there to get them nice and tight) and moving the lacing hole on the front of the stays over an inch or so (this should help the issue of the straps constantly wanting to fall off).

All this means all the binding on the top has come off so I will end up rebinding the stays. I don’t think I have any of that binding left so it will have to be new stuff. Wish I could use red or something for contrast but that won’t work with the sheer light colored wardrobe of the Regency.

My biggest issue is the lacing holes of the back panels. When B laced me in for the first time she ripped out 4 of my handbound eyelets (the only eyelets in my entire wardrobe to have ripped). I repaired them as best I could but I noticed after my fitting last night that one of the repaired ones has come out again. I think it’s an issue with the fabric and a lack of technique at the time. I need to see if I have some of that twill left to re-do the back panels… I just don’t see how I can work with re-ripped eyelets. Plus the problem with only get worse the more I wear it…


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joysdaughter From: joysdaughter Date: May 26th, 2006 04:32 pm (UTC) (link)
I'll be happy to help in 4 weeks' time, if that is any good? I shall be there that soon - eek! Back to work!
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