Jenny La Fleur (jennylafleur) wrote,
Jenny La Fleur


It's official!!! I'm going to California and Costume College!!

In other words I just bought the airplane tickets. :> I'm so excited, partly because they were a great price (under $200 a piece). So B and I will be flying into San Diego on Wednesday and B will drive me up to LA Thursday sometime.

I've also definitely decided to skip the fabric tour. I really want that extra day in San Diego with friends. I don't really have the money to make it worthwhile anyway. I'm still trying to decide about the fantasy tea. I'm waiting to see what classes I get and how much downtime my schedule will allow that day.

O yes, I had a wonderful time in Williamsburg. I have some goodies to share but right now I'm dreadfully behind with costumes for the tea on Saturday. I'm still sewing on trim and hooks on my jacket and haven't even started on B's bed gown. I feel another headache coming on too. I really don't have time for that you know. Wretched headaches!!

So back to the needle and thread I go…
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