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jacket progress
So ummm… yeah. I’ve been working on my jacket for the past few days. *make mental note to actually update LJ while sewing* I finished putting the bodice together (except for the sleeve hems and hooks & eyes) last night. I’ve been working on the peplum today, admittedly not much. Been one of those days but hey - I caught up on my backlogged emails! A very good thing indeed.

I hand stitched the hem of the peplum and pleated half but when I tried it up against the bodice it doesn’t come around far enough. This is the point at which take out 3.25 inches (actually a total of 6.5”) to fit the pattern pieces within my yardage is starting to hurt. *ouch*

So out those cute, small, full pleats go, in favor of more spaced pleats to fit the bodice correctly. May I just say scrimping fabric totally stinks? The good thing is my linen has some body to it so it shouldn’t look too skimpy. I really should go work on the peplum right now but I’m feeling like just going to bed instead.

In fact I am going to bed instead. My all-day headache is a good enough excuse right? …