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summer frocks begun

After a few days of waffling back and forth I finially cut out my ruffly jacket last night. I’m going to take joysdaughter’s excellent advice and use a thin muslin (or voile or organdy or something) for the ruffle with the original creamy linen. After you made that suggestion I looked through my books and found a few examples and really liked the look of them. You are the best Suzi! :>

I didn’t get much further with the project than that as I had to wash the cotton lining before I could cut it. It's now washed and dried so I'll start my morning by cutting that out. I’ve decided to use a purple lining, just for the fun of it. It won’t ever be seen except perhaps a peek at my neckline.

Unless of course I line the peplum with it which I haven’t decided on yet – what do you think? The peplum probally dosn't need a lining, it should be heavy enough on it’s own. Would the purple be dashing or distracting to you think? I’m going for very stylish with this ensemble you know. :> I also wasen't going to line the sleeves (t keep those long sleeves as cool as possible in the summer) - should I line them so the lining shows a bit at the wrist?

I also started on a new English gown for the summer. I was part of a fashion show presentation on Thursday (much fun by the way!) and the outing brought to home just how inappropriate a dark green wool gown will be on summer outings. So I pulled out my red toile (recognize it jennil? ;>) and started pleating the en fourreau back last night. It will be exactly the same as the green wool, and the green ball gown, and the striped l’anglise… *sigh* I am in a rutt aren’t I?

I almost attempted a sacque this time but I really don’t have time and the fabric is really too light and thin. Sacques need fabric with a bit of weight or drape to them to look right I think. The nice thing about the en fourreau English gown is that I can make them up fast (I should hope so on the forth one!!) and I know they look good. I’m also still making a fashion statement as I’m one of the few in our group who wear the later English style. I push those date boundaries as late as I can, which as a young women I can get away with. :>

Well my tea is gone and Jo-Anns is finally open so I should dash. I have to run out for lining for the red toile English gown, Rigilene for both gown and jacket and something else that has slipped my mind… Wait don’t tell me – it will come to me!! *wink*

Oh yes, I thought you might enjoy seeing the bit of interior decorating I’ve been doing in my office. After 2 years I finally hung up some pictures. Isn’t that sad? I originally bought the book of prints to hang in my bedroom but it's never worked out. I adore the grouping in the office though, appropriately pink & girly for a Mary Kay office without being over the top. It’s also very inspiring for my current projects! :>

To complement I added my engraving of 1770s York, UK and my new dry marker calendar on either side. I have the too high-back chairs back in the sitting room part of my office as well (thanks to B's homecoming and the purchase of a new recliner for Dad) so my office is cozy, inviting and functional once again. *sigh* I love my office. :>

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girliegirl32786 From: girliegirl32786 Date: May 6th, 2006 12:27 pm (UTC) (link)
Hey! I think I have that exact same lace. :)
I cant wait to see both of the projects. The toile fabric is lovely.
Oh, and I love the prints on the wall. One day when I get a sewing room, Im going to decorate it all girly and put prints or fashion plates on the wall.
jennil From: jennil Date: May 9th, 2006 01:58 pm (UTC) (link)
Hee! I totally recognize the fabric! We could wear our red printed 18c gowns together and be like twins. ;)

I'm so excited about these new projects of yours. Looking forward to seeing how they turn out!
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