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the road home
We woke up early, got dressed and finished the packing. We checked out of the hotel and made our way, for the last time, to Paddington station. We decided to take the Tube all the way to Heathrow instead of the Heathrow Express. It was a good decision as the journey turned out to be quick and easy. Yep, we finally got the hang of the Underground about the time we left. :>

We checked into our respective flights (Maegan again on a different airline) and then went shopping in the Heathrow duty free shop. We didn’t do much shopping for ourselves actually, just got the Scotch Whiskey for Daddy’s Father’s Day gift (his request). :>

In no time at all it was time to be at our gate. We said good-bye to Maegan and walked the 20 miles or however long it is to our gate. :> The flight was, again, long and uneventful, if uncomfortable. I was not able to sleep more than ½ hour so it was a miserable trip for me. I was very happy when I could finially get off that plane! Mom, Dad and Maegan met us with lots of hugs and a big bunch of flowers. Yes, it is very good to be home!

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