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BM & Harrod's
It was really hard to get out of bed this morning but I managed to do it. We were at the tube station by 9:30am, pretty good I thought. We made a stop to get more fresh bread and croissants, getting to the British Museum (or BM) just as it opened. There was a Starbucks across the street from the entrance to the museum that Bridget insisted on stopping at. She has serious coffee addiction issues. :> We ate our little breakfast at one of the outdoor tables (watching tourists enter the BM’s courtyard) before heading into the museum ourselves.

The last time I had been to the BM I was ill, having caught a cold the night before. I don’t have very clear memories of the day, mostly how awful I felt so I was very happy to go back when I could actually appreciate what I was seeing. The museum was also under construction during my last visit. The construction was complete this time and the new great court is very impressive indeed. Off to one side of the court was an exhibit on Troy, featuring some of the costumes from the new movie. I guess the BM staff had been consulted quite a bit by the film’s designers and producers. The costumes were really breathtaking, especially Helen’s. The detailing on all of them was amazing and I spent a while taking pics and notes of her gown in particular.

We started our touring in the Egyptian statue rooms. Bridget came to London to see the BM’s Egyptian collection so she had a very specific plan of what she wanted to see and a very slow pace in which she wanted to see it. Maegan and I soon left her behind and wondered all over the museum. I was interested in the Roman, Saxon, Medieval and later European collections so that is pretty much what we stuck too. We did see the Greek tomb and Parthenon rooms of course. We also spent a little time in the reading room, which is amazing. I picked up a book on the Bayeaux tapestry and let my feet rest a bit. :> We spent the whole day at the BM, practically from opening to closing and still didn’t see it all!

It’s hard to pick my favorite thing. I really enjoyed seeing everything with my own eyes. Pictures just don’t do this stuff justice. I really enjoyed the Medieval rooms, that being my "interest du jour". The Sutton Hoo collection was pretty cool but I think my favorite would be the Lewis chessmen. I splurged on a reproduction of one of the pieces and a book on the collection. I also enjoyed seeing the 16th, 18th and 19th century jewelry. I came away with lots of good ideas for costume accessories.

head of Ramesses Maat with Sutton Hoo Maegan early 19th century jewelry early 19th century jewelry c1780s - miniatures of French courtiers mid 13th cen embroidery Flemish 15th cen French mid 16th century c1780 - bracelets that can be changed into a choker necklace 18th century jewelry 18th century jewelry

After we left the BM we went to Harrod’s. It was my first time there and to be perfectly honest I wasn’t all that wowed. I mean it was a pretty place but wondering through a shop filled with over-priced designer merchandise didn’t excite me. The old food courts were lovely but not as amazing as I thought they would be. It would be hard for any place to live up all the "hype" but Harrod’s, for me, was just okay. The one thing I thought was hysterical was that in the candy court there was a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop! I happen to think KK are the best doughnuts ever but it was unexpected to see one in London and in Harrod’s no less. :> We thought about getting one to see if they tasted the same as back home but we got distracted by other things and left without a doughnut. We got some sushi and pâté for dinner and some lemon biscuits and Jaffa cakes to take home.

Krispy Kreme at Harrod's picnic in the park Bridget with Maat

We went back to the Queensway grocery and got yet more bread for the pâté (it was hot this time!), a pasta salad and some juice before heading into Hyde Park. We had a nice little picnic there under a big tree. Oh yes, did I mention that the weather was perfect? Not too warm, not too cool, blue skies and fluffy white clouds. Gorgeous! {editors note: It was like that until the last day when it rained and was cooler.} The grass was long and sweet smelling, the trees were in bloom, and the scent of the park was heavenly. *sigh* That was a really lovely dinner.

{editor’s note: Oh yes, you are probably wondering about the stuffed owl in the pics. Bridget got him as a graduation gift and decided to bring him along. She named him Maat, after the Egyptian symbol for wisdom and something or other. Anyway, it became a ritual that Maat have his pic taken at strategic places along our trip. You’ll see him again! Also if you want any info on the things I photographed, I did write down info on most things. Just let me know and I’ll forward whatever info I have to you.}

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