Jenny La Fleur (jennylafleur) wrote,
Jenny La Fleur

still alive if not quite sane


Yes I’m still alive. This week has been insane with insane amounts of costuming, giggling, eating and party prep going on. Not much time for sleep, LJ entries or sanity. It’s been fun though and I’m pleased to announce that I’m almost finished with the costuming.

I will probably end up with a bit of sewing to do tomorrow (which I did not want to do) but we did push the party back over an hour than previous years so that gives me a little leeway. Also the table is set, most of the party preps done and I’ve dressed in my basic costume a dozen times this year. I’ve even done the hair style before. I’m so glad I went 18th century for the party!! :>

I better get back to my handwork. I’m still working on the stays binding, almost finished with the bottom half. The top half should go much quicker and then I have 3 eyelets and it’s done. I’m still trying to get the sleeve flounces on my sleeves (don’t know if I’ll make it) but I did get the trim on with help.

So far this has been my favorite Twelfth Night. It’s been crazed but the four of us (B, C & L) have all pitched in on finishing up each others costumes and party projects, using our strengths to their best advantage. It’s been interesting and fun.

Tomorrow is going to be such fun, no matter what happens!
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