Jenny La Fleur (jennylafleur) wrote,
Jenny La Fleur

party rambles

I got a few more eyelets done on New Years and last night so I’ve finished one panel (including the shoulder strap) and have 4 done on the second.

Real life continues to get in the way and because I have so much handwork to do on these stays they are moving at a snails pace. Not good. I’m not even making lists this week because they might discourage me. I’m simply living in a parallel universe where I believe I can get everything done in time for the party! *IcandoitIcandoit* :>

On the good news front the house is clean from our New Years party, so some general picking up should suffice for TW. We’ve taste-tested some snacks at Costco that will work, so less cooking then originally planned. elegant_musings and her sis are coming today for a week’s pre-party visit so I’ll have a sewing buddy and extra hands to encourage and help. I’ve tested the Fray Check on my ball gown fabric and found a satisfactory way of cutting and sealing the sleeve flounces. If I can just find three hours before the party I can add those to my ensemble.

Anyone have some extra time I can add to my hourglass this week? :>
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