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Happy New Year!! - Jenny La Fleur
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Happy New Year!!
Happy New Year!

May your 2006 be joyful & full of nothing but good things. May it also full of great fabric deals and few sewing mistakes!

The Obligatory 2006 List Of Doom
This year my focus is to really finish up projects I’ve already started or that didn’t move past the starting stages in 2005. I want to clear my agenda and pending files!

Must-Do Projects:

Bridget’s Pirate Coat – This is my first priority of 2006. I want to finish this costume up as soon as possible – it’s been on my plate far too long already!

Green Wool 18th century – This outfit is to replace my red stripe as my main RCHS garb. The fabric of my stripe is not holding up well (it was cheap fabric when I bought it 6 years ago) and I’ve a bit tired of wearing it. This will be made of a length of Kelly green wool in the stash, in the same style as my red strip and green ball gown. Nothing terribly imaginative I’m afraid, just well constructed and practical.

Bridget’s Twelfth Night outfit – The annual costume for the sister. We are still pulling this one together so stay tuned! I’m really excited about this project though, it’s going to be such fun!

1911 Butterfly Dress – Mr. Butterfly really needs a home. :> Another project that has been on my plate too long.

*secret* project – Yep still secret. :> I hate to tease but it’s one of my top projects to I must list it here! :>

Kimono – I’ve decided not to bead this but to paint the design on and embellish with sequins and/or beads. No deadline for this, just want it complete. :>

There is another, longer list of things I would *like* to do this year, but most will probably not happen so I won’t bother to list them here. Who knows what else I will come up with. :> I’m sure a few more additions to my 18th century wardrobe are in my future for 2006 as well. :>