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of shoes & sparkles

The obligatory progress pics of the day. We weren’t able to work on the costume much today (household things, errands and such got in the way) but B and I had another productive evening sewing session. B got most of the stomacher embellishment done and I worked a more eyelets. I know – we need to pick up the pace! :P

My shoes arrived today. Cute huh? :> I wasn’t quite sure if I liked them at first but after wearing them for a couple hours around the house I found they were quite comfortable. The leather actually started to mold to my feet so that they became more comfortable the longer I wore them. I still don’t know how comfortable they will be for dancing (it’s so hard to tell without the buckles or until I dance in them) but I say they are keepers. Anything has to be better than what I have now – they aren’t even comfortable for standing. I’ll have Dad help me with the buckles and wear them to dance class tomorrow night.

I did mange to work a bit on my gown today. After much fussing, I finished pinning the trimming along the neck and one sleeve. I still have to make trim for the other sleeve and then tack it all down.

I popped into Hancock’s today and picked up some sparkles for my ball gown as well. I just couldn’t stand it! :> Since I couldn’t find small (4mm) flat sequins by the packet I bought a length of trim to salvage. I even figured out a way to remove the sequins intact on their string! I’ll use them lose on the ball gown (applying them here and there along the gold trimming) but the string of small sequins gives me evil ideas for other projects. *rubs hands together* Small sequins are so cool! *grin*
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